Brain Booster Maths for Physics

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Boost your AS- and A-level Physics grades with this 6-week Brain Booster Maths for Physics course which will strengthen your maths skills and complement your A-level Physics course.

The course includes instructional videos, worksheets, assignments, and small group classes led by a qualified physics teacher. Intended for students in years 12 and 13, Maths for A-level Physics covers the areas of maths that are needed for the A-level Physics syllabus:

  • Standard form
  • Indices
  • Estimates, Order of magnitude
  • Significant figures
  • Presenting data in tables and graphs
  • Analysing data in tables and graphs
  • Rearranging and solving equations
  • Sine, cosine, and tangent relationships
  • Tangents and gradients
  • Area under a curve
  • Vector addition