Year 7 Science Masterclass

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During our year 7 science masterclasses, we will look at a variety of topics with instructional videos, notes, worksheets, and small group classes led by a qualified science teacher. Students need to complete the topic assignments at least 24 hours before each class. The classes cover topics from biology, chemistry, physics and ‘how science works (HSW)’ from the key stage 3 science curriculum.

Year 7 science masterclass topics:




Working Scientifically

  • Cells, Microscopes, Organelle functions, Animal and plant cells, Unicellular adaptations
  • Organisational hierarchy
  • Human skeleton: Support and protection, Movement, Making cells
  • Biomechanics
  • Human reproduction: Males, Females, Menstrual cycle, Fertilisation and gestation
  • Plant reproduction, Pollination and fertilisation, Seeds and fruits, Seed dispersal, Insect pollination
  • Interdependence, Food webs, Importance of insects, Organisms and their environment, Toxic accumulation
  • Effect of drugs
  • States of matter
  • Changes of state
  • Dalton’s atomic model, Development of the atomic model
  • Atoms, elements and compounds, Chemical symbols and formulae, Pure substances, Mixtures
  • Diffusion
  • Separation techniques, Filtration, Evaporation and crystallisation, distillation, Chromatography
  • Identifying pure substances
  • Chemical reactions, Formulae and equations, Combustion, Thermal decomposition, Oxidation, Displacement reactions
  • Acids and alkalis, pH scale, Acids and metals
  • Catalysts
  • Energy from food
  • Comparing energy costs
  • Fuels
  • Energy resources
  • Distance-time graphs
  • Relative motion
  • Forces, Balanced and unbalanced forces, Forces and motion
  • Sound waves, Auditory range
  • Light waves, Ray model, Refraction, Convex lens, The human eye, Retina and cameras, colour
  • Electric current, Potential difference and resistance, Conductor and insulators, Static electricity, Electric fields
  • Conservation of mass
  • Solids, liquids and gases
  • Brownian motion
  • The scientific method
  • Scientific questions
  • Successful calculations
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Safety when heating
  • Controlling risk
  • Hypotheses and Theories
  • Sorting Resource Data
  • Models in Science
  • Line graphs and scatter graphs
  • Surface Area
  • Accuracy and estimates
  • Means and ranges
  • Pie charts