• Homework due: 30th March
  • Class: 31st March
  • P10 – Springs is on page 85 of your Skills Booster Book.


Add these keywords to your GLossary with a definition:


The instructions for the activity will be the same every week. I’m looking to see how well you are spotting improvements that you could make in your longer answers to questions.

  • Read section P10 – Springs on page 85.
  • Answer the questions at the bottom, using the sections indicated if you need help.
  • Mark your work using the answers on page 118, using a different colour pen.
  • Add any details that you could have included but didn’t. This will help you to master the longer-style answers that are necessary to be able to achieve high grades at GCSE.
  • Finally, upload your marked work to the website ready for me to mark it.
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